Aimer (Singer/Songwriter)

Aimer made her major debut with the single “Rokutousei no Yoru” in 2011.

She released her latest album “daydream” on 21 September 2016, which not only featured the participation of many popular artistes such as Taka from ONE OK ROCK, Yojiro Noda from RADWIMPS and Hiroyuki Sawano, but even made 2nd place on the Oricon Weekly Rankings.

Her 12th Single, “Akanesasu/everlasting snow”, the Ending Theme for the TV Anime “Natsume Yuujinchou”, was released on 16th November 2016.

Alisa Takigawa

In March 2015, Alisa Takigawa debuted with ‘Season’, the ending theme of TV anime ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’. In November of the same year, she released ‘Sayonara no Yukue’, the 3rd single of ‘Owarimonogatari’ which gained tremendous response and turned out to be a smash hit.

The video has gained over 200,000 views on YouTube and her 2015 activities won her the ‘30th Japan Golden Disc Award’ Newcomer Prize.

In June 2016, during her first Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka solo live tour, one of the stops, at the famous Ebisu LIQUIDROOM, was fully SOLD OUT.

Since her debut, her rising popularity as a singer-songwriter has only continued to increase greatly.
In September 2016, she released ‘Iroasenai Hitomi’, the new ending theme of the anticipated second season of TV anime ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War’.

Her much-anticipated first album ‘at film.’ has been released on November 2, 2016!


Born April 14 and hailing from Kanagawa Prefecture, ELISA made her debut in 2007 with “euphoric field”, the opening theme of anime ef – a tale of memories. With her outstanding singing ability rooted in opera and vocal music as well as her transparent voice, she went on to release several songs, including many theme songs of hit TV anime series, such as Hayate The Combat Butler and A Certain Scientific Railgun, to name a few.

In June 2014, ELISA released the album AS LIFE which featured singles namely “Soba ni Iruyo”, “REALISM” (both were ending themes of TV anime series Valvrave the Liberator), and “Millenario” (ending theme of TV anime series The Irregular at Magic High School), followed by her first headlining tour in a while in July and August. Later that year in November, she released “EONIAN”, the theme song of the anime movie Expelled from Paradise. The song, which opened the new frontier of collaborating with the worldview of the anime story, attracted attention from various quarters, resulting in a smash hit along with the movie.

2015 saw her overseas projects kicking into high gear, with active participations in many foreign anime events in Malaysia, USA (New Jersey), Macau, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.
In 2016, she has released the much-awaited mini album ANICHIRO, which has hit the stores since March 23. She also performed the Ending Theme “Rain or Shine” for the TV Anime 91Days. Her latest album GENETICA will be released in November.


GARNiDELiA is a duo unit consisting of vocalist MARiA and composer toku.

MARiA, who is experienced in modelling work for fashion brands, designs the artwork and lyrics, while toku, who composes and produces music for many artistes, oversees the sound production.

After their major debut in March 2014 with “ambiguous”, they were ranked in the top-ranking charts for many music distribution sites. Since then, they have released five singles, one special limited release single, and an indies best compilation featuring three albums.

Their 5th solo live concert “stellacage vol.V” will be held on 10th December 2016, at BIGCAT in Osaka and 17th December at Stellar Ball in Tokyo. They will be releasing their second original major full album “Violet Cry” on the 14th of December.


Kalafina was created and produced by charismatic composer Yuki Kajiura, initially as the project band behind the sound track of the anime film the Garden of sinners, releasing their debut single “Oblivious” in 2008.
After four of their albums entered the Oricon’s Weekly Top-10 charts, they released their first “best of” albums in 2014: The Best “Blue” and The Best “Red”, which also entered at 3rd and 4th in the Oricon Album Weekly charts respectively. The following year on 9th September 2015, their 5th original album “far on the water” reached 2nd place on the Oricon Album Weekly charts.

Adding to their chart success, Kalafina has maintained a strong live presence since they began performing concerts in 2009. With the release of Consolation in 2013, they toured across Japan playing 15 shows in 9 cities, captivating an audience of over 20,000.

Kalafina is also unique in that they have a dedicated fan base worldwide. First performing outside of Japan in Boston in 2009, they followed with a solo show tour of Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei in 2010.They’ve since continued to perform at anime events in LA, Singapore, Malaysia, and Germany. Kalafina, known to be a vocal unit, has also played full band sets at the “Anime Central 2013″ event in Chicago, and a 2-day engagement in Hong Kong in May of 2014. Their CDs have been released in 16 different countries globally, and their reach has reached over 53 countries on iTunes. This all-girl unit is set to take the world by storm!

In 2016, Kalafina has completed their “Kalafina Arena LIVE 2016” concert at the Kobe World Memorial Hall and the prestigious Japan Budokan.

Luna Haruna

Luna Haruna was born on October 11th.

She gained tremendous popularity as a finalist in the “4th Anisong Grand Prix” and on May 2012, she made her major debut with the song “Sorawa Takaku Kazewa Utau” (Ending theme song for the second season of anime “Fate/Zero”), written and composed by Yuki Kajiura.

In January 2015, Luna Haruna released her 7th single, “Kimiiro Signal” (Opening theme song for the anime “Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata”)

Her other notable songs are “Overfly” (Ending theme song for the anime “SWORD ART ONLINE” -Fairy Dance-), “Aiwoutae” (Ending theme song for the second season of “monogatari series” produced by the popular creator, Jin), “snowdrop” (Ending theme song for the anime “Koimonogatari”) and more recently, “Startear” (Ending theme song for the anime “SWORD ART ONLINE II”). In May 2016, she performed the ending theme song “Ripple Effect” for the TV anime series “High School Fleet”.

Her popularity is not only contained within Japan, having been invited to perform at various live events in Asia, Europe and America, and attracts people with her strong vocals as well as her cute look. She is also currently an active KERA model.