Is Online Gambling Legal in Japan?


In this article we will clarify if gambling in Japan is legal or not, what are the forms of gambling or betting allowed by the authorities, and how you can access casino games or sports betting online without complications. From Pachinko to slots, roulette, blackjack, and betting on international sporting events, here is all the relevant information.

Gambling takes place in a legal nebula in Japan, with laws that do not allow commercial activities related to sports betting or casino games as it is known in other parts of the world but do not have major restrictions for individuals to access this type of entertainment through international platforms. Is gambling legal in Japan? Yes and no. Or rather, no and yes.

For a long time, the image of casinos or gambling was linked to illegal activities promoted by organized crime (the Yakuza) but with globalization and the Internet age, everything began to change to the point that thousands of Japanese players have awakened a passion for casino games and sports betting on a similar level to Europe and other regions.

Today there is an open debate among citizens, investors, and government authorities about the viability of gambling projects. Recently, the establishment of physical casinos mainly for tourists has been authorized. However, online gambling sites have not yet received the endorsement to break into force with national operating licenses. That does not mean that the doors are closed, quite the opposite. That gray area means that many people can bet and play with international operators without fear of breaking the law or receiving sanctions of any kind.

Regulated gambling activities in Japan

For cultural, historical, and legal reasons, few gambling activities have a full official permit. This regulation focuses more than anything on physical establishments, commercial premises installed in cities throughout the country that offer services or sell products related to gambling or betting. This means that casino games and sports betting as they are known in other countries are confined to the digital environment.

Pachinko and lottery as popular legal games

Broadly speaking, Pachinko is a mix of pinball and slot machines. This game is one of the favorite pastimes of many Japanese people and is approved by the government. Another enabled gambling activity is the lottery, which is offered throughout the country in different ways. This includes a prediction game based on J-League soccer matches. It is not about sports betting per se but about a pool that distributes interesting prizes.


Betting on national and international sports

The most interesting part of being able to bet on sports with foreign-based bookies is being able to bet on sports that take place within Japan. That's why the J-League, Nippon Professional Baseball, and sumo wrestling are among the most popular events. As part of the usual catalog of operators offering their services for Japan, they are available without restrictions for Japanese players with dozens and hundreds of betting markets to explore. Similarly, the most prestigious international championships and events are not left out as valid options for betting online.

Slots and table games at your fingertips

Slots are very popular in Japan, perhaps because of their affinity with Pachinko. Other popular casino games are roulette (above blackjack), baccarat, and game shows like Monopoly, Crazy Time, Mega Ball, or Dream Catcher. The latter category is a different and attractive experience for many Japanese gamblers who have been used to TV game shows for decades.


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