The Most Popular Sports for Betting in Japan


Although sports betting is not legally formalized in Japan as a commercial activity, individuals are not prohibited from seeking winning opportunities in soccer, baseball, racing, or other events. Get an in-depth look at the most popular sports for betting in Japan and the most popular tournaments for both regular and In-Play gambling at international bookies.

With the growing interest of Japanese gamblers in having options to bet on sports and sportsbooks extending their services to accept users residing in the Asian country, there has been a convergence of situations in a massive interest in online sports betting. Creating an account, making a deposit, and placing bets with an international operator is viable for bettors in Japan, which has marked some trends in the preferred activities when looking for betting markets and opportunities to win.

Sports gambling in Japan still has a long way to go but the current level of participation augurs a promising future, perhaps with the inclusion of national bookies that can outline a specialized offering for Japanese bettors. Ideally, it could be a mix between traditional sports with a long history at the national level with international events that generate global interest. At the moment, there are some sports to bet that stand out above the rest among Japanese users.

Betting on football is increasingly popular

As a global sport with very strong local development, soccer is one of the main engines of sports betting in Japan. This is coupled with the catalogs of international sportsbooks, which tend to have soccer as one of the most powerful segments with a huge number of events and thousands of gambling markets to explore on any day of the week.

As Japanese bettors have had to turn to foreign gambling sites, it is normal that they come across bonuses and promotions closely related to the most prominent soccer tournaments of the moment. To this is added a latent interest in the Japanese championship and the matches of the national team to have the beautiful game as one of the main focuses of activity.


Traditional horse racing betting in Japan

Another nationally legalized and regulated activity that has reached online sports betting platforms. Horse racing is an event of great interest in Japan, and this is reflected in the taste of users to bet online. In addition to international events from different countries, bettors pay special attention to races that take place in Japanese racetracks such as:

  • Chukyo
  • Tokyo Racecourse
  • Nakayama
  • Hanshin Racecourse
  • Sapporo
  • Hakodate
  • Kokura Racecourse
  • Fukushima
  • Niigata
  • Kyoto
  • Betting on baseball looking for victories

    One of Japan's favorite sports presents interesting profit-seeking opportunities on foreign betting sites. Baseball is very popular with Japanese fans and online gambling allows you to find attractive markets for Nippon Professional Baseball games as well as Major League Baseball in the USA. As with soccer events and other international disciplines, the time difference is key for a massive following of several tournaments at the same time.

  • Total runs/hits/strikeouts between both teams
  • Margin of victory
  • Whether there will be extra innings or not
  • Handicap
  • The winning team for each inning
  • Esports betting in Japan could be the future

    Experts in eSports consider that Japan will be an undisputed leader in events, income, and news in the coming years, with marked growth in recent times without having reached the pinnacle of possibilities. A similar analysis falls on eSports bets that are available in many sportsbooks worldwide. As interest grows in Japan, and especially in Tokyo, for eSports, so is sports betting in the field.


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